The systems will generate approximately 16,800 MWh per year and is one of the few licensed systems that will be grid connected in 2018.

Asunim Turkey is a highly active and consistent company in the Turkish solar market with further projects in their implementation and negotiation phase. The dedicated international engineering team of Asunim has a long track record of successful systems design and implementation, using cutting-edge 3D modelling and simulation software to correctly elaborate extremely important shading and counter slope calculations.

Asunim is proud to add this reference to its EPC and Operation and Maintenance portfolio.

Managing partner of Asunim Turkey, Mr. Umut Gürbüz stated “We have built several of the most efficient solar power plants in Turkey, including the first licensed system in 2016 and we will continue to do so. Like our other projects, this system features the best industrial equipment and we employ installation, operation, maintenance and monitoring according to highest standard of European norms and many years of experience. YBT’s system is estimated to generate up to 17 million kWh electricity per year. The monitoring system we implemented allows us to easily calculate production differences between individual inverters and to quickly intervene in case of lower performance, we fix any potential problems without delay”. Gürbüz added “Operation and Maintenance activities will be covered by Maxima Enerji, affiliate O&M Company of Asunim, managing our whole portfolio and systems built by third parties that, due to the current consolidation in the Turkish market, are no longer active market participants”.

The licensed system, with a capacity of 10.8 MWp, will be installed in Kangal, Sivas Province, Turkey. Project planning, engineering steps and system installation are scheduled to be concluded within 5 months.

Asunim is currently one of the leading EPC companies in Turkey and has so far concluded projects of 140MW with a separate and clear structure committed for long-term O&M commitments.

About YBT Enerji:
YBT Enerji, based in Ankara, Turkey, is an energy investment company, which develops and realises renewable energy-based power plants. Company currently operates 3 run-of-the-river HEPPs and 2 unlicensed SPPs in different cities of Turkey. All projects were developed from green-field to operation by the company itself, like the new 10.8 MWp Hamal solar power plant in Kangal, Sivas. YBT dedicates itself to clean and sustainable environment and continues to develop new projects in hydro, solar, wind and biomass. The company also is an actor in the energy market with its shares of Energy Markets Operating Company (EPİAŞ in Turkish).

About Asunim Yenilenebilir Enerji Teknolojileri İnş. Müh. San. Tic. Ltd:
Asunim is based in Ankara, Turkey and operates as a consultant, project developer and EPC and O&M company with focus on project legalization, engineering, component supply and the execution of photovoltaic power plants in the Turkish market and greater region. It belongs to the Asunim group with current further subsidiaries in Portugal, Spain, Dubai and the United Kingdom, accumulating a current track record of 850MW.

About Maxima Enerji Sistemleri Teknik Servis Ve Taahhüt Ticaret A.Ş.:
Maxima is based in Ankara, Turkey and operates as an O&M company with focus on PV project operation and maintenance of Asunim’s own EPC portfolio and third-party system customers in the Turkish market and greater region. It belongs to the Asunim group. Many years of experience flow into Maxima fine-tuning and detecting errors, leading to drastic increases of energy yield on existing solar power plants.